0 comments Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've been struggling with sleeping lately so this seems a good time to update.

This is me fly-fishing. Yes... there is a tiny trout in my left hand, I promise.

This is Peri and me in Disneyland. You should totally be able to tell by the crystal clear picture of the happiest place on earth behind us.

Here are some before and after pictures of buying Peri a new car. She actually let me sit in it the other day.

Before, with our (hers) old car:

After, with our (hers) new one:

Me and Peri and the Rockies game.

So there you go. That's what we've been doing. I'm sure there has been a few funny stories here and there but I can't share a few of them with you. Like the time I didn't post a picture of both my parents holding and drinking beers at the Coors factory. They say they were non-alcoholic but I was too busy drowning my sorrows in my own glass to believe them.

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Another music update... you should all feel privileged

Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty

This has the sweetest vintage guitar tones I've
found in ages. It just plain rocks.

Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight

I don't think I've listened to an album more in
the past 3 months that this. It's amazing, just a
bunch of Scottish indie rock kids.

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

This album hasn't even been out a week so
I'm still getting a feel for it. So far it's stunning.

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

More 80's samples and synths. The Dynamic
range of the record is insane.

1 comments Saturday, March 14, 2009

So as you can tell I don't update this often... there... that's out of the way.

Since my last post many things have happened... there... that's out of the way.

So since you are caught up on everything, here are a few CD's you should be listening to:

Grizzly Bear
This is just plain Ninja awesome. Best song is the
last one, ironically it's called Colorado.

Black Kids
I'm still on an 80's synth rampage. This is
my current victim.

Horse Feathers
Has a little bit of Iron & Wine to it, but
with more cello.

Stafrænn Hákon
May Iceland live on forever, even if there
money isn't worth anything anymore.
Peri and I will be visiting this county later
this year. Maybe we will catch a concert.

2 comments Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First night on the cruise.

Peri and I went on this sweet catamaran in
Jamaica that took us out to snorkel.

This is Jamaica right before the most
spectacular thunder storm I've ever seen.

Peri being her cool self.

Peri holding a "see" turtle in Grand Cayman.

This is a little place called Hell, Grand Cayman.

Peri and one of the ship in the port of Cozumel.

Mexico... so this picture did cost us money to take.

The amazing blue water of Cozumel.

And this is a picture I took on a boat Peri and
I took to go swim with some real live Sting Rays.
It was crazy! These things would come right
up to you and want you to play around with them.
It was by far the high point of the cruise.
I wish I had some picture but my camera
wasn't water proof. Also I formatted this for
people who may want it as the wallpaper
on their computer so just click on it and you
should see the full picture.

2 comments Wednesday, July 9, 2008

this is a departure... maybe it's my long hours of playing the guitar tonight... i'm guessing it's my realization that things are changing, and for the better...

my job is getting to be a burden... i'm sick of all the numbers... they are beginning to confuse me... i just don't seem to care much anymore... i get the work done but complacently... i'm starting to see them differently... they stop being numbers and are more like patterns... creativity with numbers wasn't what i was hired to do... i was hired to help turn millions into billions... isn't everyone a billionaire these days?...

i wish i could tap on my piano tonight but for some reason it's not working... i just don't have the energy to fix it... i got home from work, plugged my guitar in, took a nap then played more guitar... i feel more inspired by music as of late... i've just been so blessed by amazing music lately... i hope i don't wear myself out on it...

i miss home... my new nephew doesn't know me... i miss my family... i miss the nights laying on the trampoline talking crazy with brev and colin... i still think of 1998 and wish i would have taken advantage of those times... but no regrets... i've talked with colin more in the past couple weeks then i have in the past 5 years... i miss it... it's nice just feeling his art vibe... same with mike... he knows my secret of the tree on our wedding invites...

this past visit home was great... oakley was so beautiful... i think i could be a farmer... peri's family is so comfortable and familiar... i can't wait to see them more... there is just something indescribable about it...

i'm in love with peri... i get to spend the rest of my life with her... and the afterlife... i hate the days i don't see her, like today... i constantly think about her... 39 days seems hazy and distant... she will be beautiful that day, i know it... my head will be a camera and i won't forget a thing about the day i marry her... soon... she's the most beautiful thing in any room she walks into... soon...

not sure how long i'll keep this up... i don't do this... this wasn't meant to be a forum for my emotions... so this is just my deus ex machina...

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One of my all time favorites.
This album mixes 80's synth with shoegazer rock.

Very ambient and epically subtle.
Pay attention and just listen to the sounds.

Iron & Wine
Raw acoustic folk-like recording.
You could get lost in this album.

2 comments Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1) Listen to this album:
Sigur Rós : Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
(Sorry for the naked hippie dude behinds, just go buy the album)

2) Watch this movie:
Pure awesomeness